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From the initial design to 3D rapid prototype, from structural analysis to tool machining and injection molding, from circuitry, reflector and lens design to finished product testing, NSSC has all-roung talent and equipmen t for the whole process. An all-sided analysis of the latest products, specially the best products from the US manufacturers, must be taken and more advanced features must be created before a new NSSC product was developed. From many tests we are proud to find that most of NSSC products has the same quality as the similar products made in the US, some have even been “industry first”.

NSSC R&D team consists of 6 structural/heat sink engineers, 4 molding engineers, 3 electronic engineers, most of them are with over 10 years’ experience in this field. The team work hard to research market-changing products and create better things, they can highly efficiently transform an idea to a good product within 30-60 days.